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Welcome to the Geothermal-Alliance Bavaria

The Molasse Basin in Bavaria is the hotspot for geothermal use in Germany. That is why three Bavarian universities, the Technical University of Munich  (TUM), the  Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg  (FAU) and the  University of Bayreuth  (UBT) joined forces in 2016 as the Geothermal-Alliance Bavaria (GAB) to bundle research and clarify open scientific questions. Since 2020, the  Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich (LMU) and the Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM) joined the network. In addition to the excellent research, a platform for the transfer of knowledge and data between science, business and politics was created with the joint research project. The need in the field of training qualified young people is covered by a joint master’s degree program “GeoThermal/GeoEnergy”  at FAU and TUM.

The holistic research approach of the GAB has proven itself and enables close cooperation between engineers and geoscientists and thus a look beyond the borders of the respective sub-disciplines.

In addition to the research approaches, the establishment of a network between the operators and the scientific community is also of great importance. Valuable operating experience can thus be exchanged and used.

For this purpose, the project management of the GAB has launched the event series “Knowledge Transfer Geothermal Energy in the South German Molasse Basin” and thus created an exchange platform. Further information about this and other events and activities of the GAB can be found in the menu under Events. If you would like to be informed regularly about our events, please contact us!

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Master’s program

The joint-degree master’s program GeoThermal/GeoEnergy of the FAU and TUM, which was successfully established in the winter semester 2017/18, will be continued and the expertise of newly appointed professors will be integrated. In the future, topic- and method-related summer/field schools and workshops will also be offered, as well as seminars on current topics in geothermal energy that are open to the public. The regular teaching content is designed to cover the entire spectrum of deep geothermal energy and thus promote innovative, interdisciplinary thinking with respect to the use of geoenergy resources. This is ensured by the teaching and research expertise of a total of 7 faculties of FAU, TUM and LMU as well as external lecturers from the industry. The direct connection to the GAB also makes it possible to pass on current research findings to the students in a practical way and to integrate them into ongoing research work early in their studies. As the students move on, they can contribute significantly to an improved understanding of deep geothermal energy and to the promotion of an energy-conscious and technology-open attitude in the public.

The program “GeoThermal/GeoEnergy” can only be started in the winter semester. You can find information on registration here.


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