The Geothermal-Alliance Bavaria research network has successfully established in its first four-year funding phase from 2016 to 2019. Through the interdisciplinary research of engineers and geoscientists, important questions in the field of deep geothermal energy could be answered in cooperation with geothermal plant operators and authorities. The holistic research approach of the GAB has been proven and enables a close cooperation and consideration of deep geothermal energy beyond the boundaries of the respective sub-disciplines.

Foto: Geothermie-Allianz Bayern
Drill heads before use at a geothermal drilling site (Photo: Geothermal-Alliance Bavaria)

Subproject “Reservoir characterization”

Targeted investigation of local and regional differences in terms of geophysical, geomechanical, structural geological and hydraulic reservoir properties.


  • Minimization of geothermal exploration risks in the South German Molasse Basin
  • Minimization of uncertainties in reservoir engineering and long-term operation of geothermal plants.
Vibrotruck (Photo: Dr. Wolfgang Bauer)

 Subproject “PetroTherm”

Development and support of a petrothermal project in the Bamberg-Coburg area under the leadership of the GeoZentrum Nordbayern.


  • Determination of an optimal drilling location by evaluation of 2D-seismic profiles
  • Investigation of stress conditions in the targeted area and the fracture behavior of selected rock types
Scalings (Photo: Prof. Dr. Thomas Baumann)

Subproject “Operational safety of the thermal water circuit”

The project bundle “Operational safety of the thermal water circuit” addresses

  • The formation of scalings in the thermal water circuit
    • Investigation of the kinetics and making forecasts.
    • Investigation of technical measures for control and prevention
  • The control and modeling of the submersible centrifugal pump
    • Development of a detailed dynamic model
    • Development of intelligent control
    • Investigation of a model-based condition monitoring
Normalized gross power as a function of the outside air temperature and the normalized thermal water volume flow of a geothermal power plant of one year (source: Matthäus Irl).

 Subproject “Monitoring”

Development of an online monitoring tool for geothermal plants.


  • Acquisition and evaluation of operating data
  • Definition of a uniform system of key figures
  • Implementation of a sound reporting function
  • Improvement of the comparability and evaluability of different geothermal plants
Inside a geothermal power plant (Photo: Geothermie-Allianz Bayern)

Subproject “Efficient and Flexible Power Plants”

Realization of a holistic approach to improve the economic viability and plant efficiency of the aboveground power plant components.


  • Holistic investigation of innovative concepts, working fluids/fluid mixtures and CHP variants
  • Implementation and construction of a ORC test facility
  • Examination of flexibility and operational readiness
  • Investigation of the future role of geothermal energy in the case of significant expansion of installed capacity as well as in a capacity market

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